Intercede for Everyone

By:Imam Ghazzali (Radiyallahu Anhu)-450-505 H./1058-1111 CE 

Bismillahir Rahmanir Raheem

In Chapter 6-the section: “The Book of Worldly Usages” in Ihya Uloomiddin-The famous work of Imam Ghazzali (Hujjathul Islam-Proof of Islam)-Radiyallahu Anhu explains, Intercede for everyone

Duties to Relatives,Slaves,Neighbours and Muslims

Numbered (17):Intercede for everyone:

Make intercession to one who has got authority to remove the needs of a Muslimand try hard to meet his requirements.

The Prophet said (alaiihiswalathu wa salam): “If anybody amongst you seeks something from me,I wish I should give it to him at once,but if anyone among you remains present near me, I like that he should intercede for him, as he get reward for that. So make intercession, you will get rewards.God does through His Prophet (alaihiswalathu wa salam) what He Loves. The Prophet (alaihiswalathu wa salam) Said:”Intercede to me, you will get rewards,I make delay to do a thing though I wish to do it, so that you may get rewards by interceding for it. The Prophet (swalla Allahu alaihi wa sallam)said:“No Charity is better than oral charity?, He was asked:”What is oral charity?. He (alaiahiswalathu wa salam) said: “A just pleading which saves the life of a man,benefits a man or saves a man from a calamity.


Intercession-Proof from Quran and Hadith

Those deviant scholars who say ‘Intercession to living and dead pious people are Shirk’ and is a shirk and Bid’ah;they are actually disconnecting you from Allah and His Messenger. They working as agents of Satan to infiltrate your religion and to make your death to be among 72 lost sects!

Quran Last chapter Sura Nas explains the significance of “Intercession with evil spirit”, another intercession is mentioned in Sura Al Bakara of 2 angels-Harooth and Marooth of Babylon.Sura Nas is a prayer to safeguard us from the evil intercession!

A hadith explains the power of Satan whose movement in our body wherever our blood moves!

I always asked Allah, Oh Lord this Satanic scholars in the name of Islam saying intercession is Shirk and Bid’ah. Allah inspired me a while ago,and my heart said:”Intercession with unbelievers and evil spirits is bid’ah and shirk, that is what prohibited by Quran, that give harm to someone. But “Purification is half of faith” (hadith)

Those who intercede with evil spirits have no way to purification. They enter in darkness and their leader is Tagooth (Sura Al Bakara)

Quran and Hadith saying about the Intercession of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH),Esa alaihissalam,ImamMahdi (Alaiahissalam) and many other Prophets.

This deviants should not ask other Muslim brothers to make du’a (prayer for him), why he need someone else to pray for him?

Again about Intercession of good spirits: “People doing good deeds with Intercession and inspiration from good people and bad deeds by intercession from Satan and his group”.

Dream is an intercession, good dreams are counted as a part of Prophethood(Hadith)

Bad dreams are from Satan!

Why we saying “A’uzu Billahi Mina Shaytani Rajeem?”

I seek refuge in Allah from the accused Satan”

Are Satan coming directly to us?, or giving revelation to us like Prophets got revelation from Allah through Angel?, if yes should have experienced Satan’s presence!

But Satan Intercede us to do sins!

Pious people Intercede us to guide us to Truth and Righteousness!

Some misguided sects saying, “Knowledge is only from Book and written Quran, there is no Hidden/spiritual knowledge!!!

How come no spiritual knowledge?

Are People doing sins by reading “the Book of Satan?” Or because Satan giving the knowledge of Sins through spiritually?

Or do you believe like Christians that man is born with Sin?

Prophet got Quran as a “spiritual knowledge”, not as a printed book

Even the kids can understand my message clearly, except those whose heart is sealed by Allah!

Wake up guys, time is getting late!!!

Two angels at the grave of Prophet Muhammad(Peace and Blessings be up on him) making Tawassul (Intercession) for Prophet(alaihisalathu wasalam) for the salawat of believers recited far from the grave. saying :”Ya rasool Allah, this and this person from this tribe and in this name recited this much salawat up on you”

It is said in hadith that every recitation of Salawat on Prophet is given to Prophet by that angels. But those give salawat to Prophet near is is grave he will accept and reply to directly.

Since even the greatest Prophet has intercession of angels in His Qabar, but for some so called idiot scholars of today’s fake Islam, tawassul is shirk and bid’ah!

The Holy Prophet (sallallahu ‘alaihi wasallam) says in a Hadith, “Definitely there are many Angels of Allah that sojourn the earth and bring the Salaam of my Ummat to me”. (Narrated by Nisai and Ibn Habban)

Intercession is Sunnah of Allah,His Angels,His Prophets,those who followed them in Ihsan(Tasawwuf-Sufism)


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