Food-What you eat you will become that

Guidelines for Islamic Food and Impacts

Halal-Islam brings the best lifestyle to you

Bismillahir Rahmanir Raheem

May the Peace and Blessings of Allah be up on Prophet Muhammad, his noble Family and companions, Ameen.

What you eat, you will become that, it does not matter which Family you are from and which position in society you are in!. Always eat Halal(Lawful) Food bought by Halal (Lawful)Money. They way to purify wealth is charity. The way to purify one’s body and mind is fasting 3 days continuously and refrain from “prohibited (Haram) provisions”. Allah brings the Truth and destroys the Falsehood.ALLAHU AKBER.

Foods are three kinds physically and spiritually.

Physically foods are classified as “Contaminated” and “Healthy Food” and “Allergen Foods

Contaminated Food brings dangers such as various sickness and even death, while healthy food brings. Healthy Food nourishes  body and mind, while some foods are allergens to some people even though it is healthy to some other people. Allergen foods can bring same impacts like Contaminated Food.

Allergen Food is not our Business, we mind our own business. Because it is safe to be with what is not doubtful and to leave what is not concern us (Refer 40 Hadiths of Imam Nawawi-Radiyallahu Anhu).

Regardless of our faith, we eat healthy foods, because of our concern to be physically healthy and to live long.

Islam calls for Natural and Home made Food

But What about Spiritual Foods?

Islam classifies Foods into 2 Categories: “Halal”(Lawful) Food, “Haram” (Unlawful) and “Disliked Foods”.

Halal Foods: Foods that Nourishes the Body, Mind and Soul is called Halal Food. The Food which is made lawful by the Book of Allah and law of the religion. Eating such food is an act of good deed and rewarded by God. The food does not have any side effects as well as some kind of Halal Food may have some kind of notable medicinal value. For example: Vinegar, Dates and Garlic.

Halal Food Chain:

  • The Lawful Lands to the Farmer
  • Lawful seeds to the farmer
  • Lawful Fertilisers
  • Labour is Paid lawfully-related to the farmer
  • Lawful sales between trader and farmer.
  • A Lawful trade between Trader and Consumer
  • A Lawful cooking by the consumer
  • A lawful final consumption by the end user. i.e saying: “Bismillahir Rahmanir Raheem”.

Sufism is Ihsan. Ihsan is the perfection of the religion. That is to observe the law of Allah ”Shari’a”  and “Iman” (Faith) in the best way. That means to follow religion as you see ALLAH even though you now see him, HE sees you.

To be God conscious in every moment of life. In every breath in every heart beat. That is the real saint hood. Sainthood is not satisfy the thinking of the people!. A saint does not listen to the word of the ego:”What people think if I say this, or if I do this?”

Sainthood seeks the “Supreme Soul-The Holy Spirit and the God. That is to Satisfy the Holy Spirit of Prophet Muhammad (Peace and Blessings of Allah be up on him) and Allah. That is to Satisfy only “La Ilaha Illa Allahu Muhammadu Rasoolullahi”.

Haram Foods

The Foods prohibited in Islam are those Foods and drinks which keep you away from remembrance of God Almighty and make you unhealthy-both mentally and physically.

Alcohol based foods and drinks pork based food and drinks are strongly prohibited. All intoxicants are widely prohibited in Islam. It also include “Tobacco and Cigars”. It is clear that Tobacco and cigars are more dangerous than Alcohol. Alcohol mostly affects those who consume it. But Cigars have adverse affects on people who are near a smoker. Passive Smoking affects many including children and pregnant women. The harm is more than any other intoxicants. Without doubt, tobacco and products like Cigars are “Haram” in Islam.

Alcohol is known as the key of “All evil”. It is the door of Satan.  Islam aims only healthy physical and spiritual living for all mankind.

No Smoking,No Alcohol,No Drugs

People who eat this kind of food will show the quality of the food in the life style.

For example of someone consume Alcohol that will contaminate his body and mind and it have a bad impact on his long term life, it may be either in body or in mind or in both.

Smokers will not attain peace of mind with it. Alcohol consumption also do the same. Spiritual destruction is more than physical destruction.

If you say now many Muslims are drinking and smoking. Then you are researching Islam from a wrong side. Islam must be researched and learnt from the righteous scholars and leaders of the past and their successors. Please do not judge Islam from the worst people who claim to be it’s followers.

May Allah Help us to keep HIS Laws and Commands amen. Thereby we may become successful in this world and hereafter.

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