Bismillahir Rahmanir Raheem
Sohbet by Sheykh Abdul Kerim al-Hakkani al-Kibrisi

Friday 14 Safar, 1431
January 29, 2010
Osmanli Naksibendi Hakkani Dergahi, Siddiki Center, New York.

Auzu billahi min ash-sheytanir rajim
Medet Ya Seyyidi, Ya Sultanul Awliya, Medet.

Hazret Shaykh Abdul Kerim Al-Kibrisi

A Murid: Today many Imams, Sheykhs and scholars are saying that there’s Democracy in Islam.

Sheykh Efendi: Where are they?

The Murid: They are everywhere. Firstly, those who are here (in America), either they are Salafis or they are calling themselves Tariqat or Sufis, not one of them is against Democracy in Islam.

Sheykh Efendi: Not one of them is against Democracy in Islam. That shows the level of their intelligence, firstly.

The Murid: They are saying that it is in Islam and they are proving it.

Sheykh Efendi: In Islam? Who is proving?

The Murid: Like they are saying, in the beginning the people were in different groups and they were running to be the leaders.

Sheykh Efendi: Tawba Ya Rabbi, Astaghfirullah. And?

The Murid: And that’s just like today.

Sheykh Efendi: (Mockingly) Yeah, later they fought with each other, they voted and one won over the other one.

The Murid: Yes, they say that the Sahaba-e Kiram all voted for Hazrat Abu Bakr (ra) to become the leader.

Sheykh Efendi: They all voted?

The Murid: They all voted, like today.

Sheykh Efendi: How many voted for Abu Bakr Siddik (ra)?

The Murid: All of them.

Sheykh Efendi: (Smiling) All of them voted? That shows that they don’t know anything too. First of all, not even the Christian world is accepting this Democracy-hypocrisy system. Leave Islam. Huh, do the Jews accept it? No. So, the Ibrahimi religions are not accepting it. Leave Islam now. We are going to enter into that part later. Was there Democracy voting system in America 100 years ago? In France? In London? Germany? Those countries that were leading the Crusade flags against Islam, were they ruled by Democracy? Since how many years is this Democracy nonsense on? Who’s going to say? It’s not even 100 years. It’s not even 80 years. It’s not even correctly 50 years because all other regimes under the name of Democracy were dictator regimes. Look. Check it out. Until today too, everywhere under the name of Democracy are dictators. Everywhere.

So, let’s put that aside what the system is. What is Allah saying to us? Is He saying to us, ‘Rule by this’ or ‘Rule by My Laws’? Which one is it? Muslims today are so upset, the Muslim nations, they are so upset with the Israelis, the Jews. Especially, the Egyptians. But they are working together with them. But that’s a different story. The Saudis are allied with them but that’s a different story. Outside to their foolish members they say, ‘This is our enemy’. But behind they are partners in every job. The Palestinians, huh? Everyone was putting Yasir Arafat on top of their heads saying, ‘He is our leader fighting against Israel’. But he has billions of dollars of investments with Yahudis everywhere. And now that he died, the money doesn’t go to the Muslims. It goes to his Christian wife. Allah, Allah. But the Muslims are heedless. The Muslims lost not only their religion, not only their honor, they lost their minds too. Yeah.

So, they are supporting Democracy. Who is saying that? Sheytan is whispering saying, ‘I am the one who helped you to make the French Revolution’. If anybody knows what is the French Revolution and what happened at that time, the ruling system has changed in the world from that time. The ruling. The French Revolution was against Kingdom, against the strong man. It doesn’t matter even if it’s Westerners. Look how Britain is. Do you think the British removed the Kingdom? The nation where the sun never set. Rising from the East and going to Argentina. The sun is never setting. Everywhere they have their flag, that little tiny island there. They ruled the world, with what? With the Kingdom. Not even King but now it’s Queen. Still because it’s in one hand and still that they say ‘We have Democracy today’, but they are showing proper respect (to their Kingdom). Look at those countries that have Kingdom today, it may be crooked, it doesn’t matter, still they are strong nations. Are the Spanish becoming strong? It was strong. They had the King. The Netherlands, Belgium. Go Far East. Malaysia. Go to Brunei. Brunei is a land that we may have more land than Brunei here.

(Laughter in the Audience)

It’s not a joke. It’s real. Brunei itself is now Darus Salam. Yes, they have the right to say now, only they have the right to say Darus Salam. But, he is moving. He bought almost half of Australia, New Zealand, all everywhere, they don’t even know. He is King. King Hasan Husayni. Hasan. King. From Ahl-il Bayt. Watch his rulings in the country. Don’t look from outside here. They are attacking him in so many ways. Did you ever see one of their people coming to this country saying, ‘Oh, I love America’? But you see so many Egyptians, Saudis saying, ‘I love America!’ Yeah, you love America. You are right. Because you have every freedom. They leave you to become free animals. They say to you, ‘Yes, you are free only to become animals. Smoke Hashish. If you don’t have it then we will provide for you. Don’t worry. Later, we attack Afghanistan. Why? Because they stopped growing Hashish, these Taliban, they promised to the United Nations and they got rid of 95 percent of it. So how are we going to do that? If they cut its ways of coming, how are we going to make our money? How are we going to fool these young Muslims with drugs? If we don’t fool them with drugs, if we don’t keep them heedless, with the energy inside of them, if they read that Book and they say ‘Jihad’, we are not going to be able to stop them again. We built the Crusades, we did this and we did that but we couldn’t stop them. So now we can control them this way.’

So, we are going back to Democracy. Sheytan is saying to them, ‘I helped you’. One of the worst things that happened to the world is the French Revolution. He is saying, ‘So many good people we got rid of, we hanged them’. And, in simple English, for everyone to understand, the bastards became the rulers. The adultery children became the rulers. Isn’t it? The Kings, the rulers were taken and they have been hanged. They cut their necks off. And? They picked up the bastards and made them the rulers, those who cannot even rule on themselves, and most of them are gays and all kinds of other things.

Say to me still that there’s Democracy in Islam. Let’s go back to the Islam of that time. Democracy, as I said, is only 50 years old. The children of Adam (as) has never seen this kind of foolishness ever before. Everyone is choosing, who? Their leaders. Let the sheep choose their shepherd. That’s exactly what it is. Your leader has to be better than you. Your leader must be thinking better than you, your leader must be in a higher state than you. How are you going to vote for this one or that one to say, ‘This one is better’, if you don’t know him? Are they voting? No. They go to cities, they go to towns, they go to here and there. The bottom point is, is Democracy working? No. They go and they buy the people. The Senators go, they buy those groups of people saying, ‘Vote for this one’. Why are they making commercials 24 hours a day?

‘Vote for me! Vote for me! Vote for me! Vote for me!’

Why? Your Democracy system is working only one day in four years, saying, ‘You gave me vote. You are very important to me’. And what happens if you don’t give? ‘Don’t give me and look what I do to you’. Isn’t that what’s happening? It’s not working. But Islam worked for 1400 years.

Huh, who voted? Of course, there are people. It’s not the people who voted for that one to be elected. It was already elected. When the Prophet (sws) was in the bed and he was ready to pass from this world, he said, ‘Bring me a pen and paper and I am going to write down who are going to rule after’. And there were people from Ansar, there were people from Muhajir in Medina and some ignorant ones, hasha astaghfirullah we are saying that, but in their level at that time there were some that just come into Islam, you understand? They didn’t know anything about that so much. They just came in and they were thinking, ‘Well, the Prophet (sws) is going to put people from Mecca to rule on us’. Understand?

So, there were some talks going back and forth and the Prophet (sws) was saying, ‘Stop it. No need to write down. There are people here with enough knowledge to choose who’s coming next. People here in this room’. And those people have elected, they gave their election and they said, ‘This one’. Not that they went around saying, ‘This is our nominee and this is your nominee’. Who was that? It was Abu Bakr Siddik (ra). Was there another nominee? No. There was nobody else. It was only Abu Bakr Siddik (ra). And it was 7 people, almost everyone of whom became Khalifahs after that, those 7 people voted for that one saying, ‘Yes, this is okay. Because? Because of the signs that the Prophet (sws) did this, this and this with him’. Okay? And they accepted Abu Bakr Siddik (ra).

It’s not as what those squareheads say, that ‘The Ansar became one party, the Muhajir became one party and the Ahl-il Bayt became one party’. Ahl-il Bayt. The grandchildren of the Prophet (sws) fought for elections? They fought for ruling? This is slandering on them. This is spitting on them, spitting on their faces, to those ones. Definitely, they are the best ones to rule. But don’t you see, Hazrat Hasan pulled back. When he tested the people and he pulled back. He said, ‘No, no. He will not be my kind of ruler to you because I have so much mercy. You need Muawiya (ra). His sword is out. When you move out from the line then he is not going to show the same kind of mercy that I’m going to’. And he even accepted Muawiya (ra). Who’s going to say that he didn’t? He accepted him as Khalifah.

After Abu Bakr Siddik (ra), who came? Omar (ra). Do you think Omar (ra) came out saying, ‘I am the nominee to become Khalifah’? And the Muhajir and the Ansar said, ‘Yes, we are voting on you’? No. Again, those seven people from the Shura who are all in the same level almost, they are all in the same knowledge almost that when one is doing the wrong thing then the other one is able to go to him and say, ‘Ya Omar, you know Prophet (sws) at this time did this and this?’ And Omar (ra) pulled himself back to the line. Yes, and thanking that one saying, ‘Thank you for reminding me this’.

Then Omar (ra) passes from this world. Not passing from the world that way, of course. Those people with the idea of Democracy, with the Sheytanic system, they didn’t like the ruling of Omar (ra) so much. So they wanted to get rid of him. Just like today that when there’s a good President coming they assassin that one. They are getting rid of him. They wanted to get rid of him because they couldn’t do what they wanted to do because his eyes were everywhere. So, they got rid of him and Omar (ra) before passing from this world said, ‘Definitely, Osman (ra) is fitting to be the Khalifah. But I am afraid of him because he is too close with his family members. He has so much mercy for them and some of those family members will not hesitate to get rid of his head. But my favor is with him.’ Omar (ra) is saying this.

Then he is saying to his son Abdullah who is in the level to become Khalifah too. Hazrat Omar’s son was raised from zero, from zero ground next to the Prophet (sws). And the Prophet (sws) gave so much knowledge and secret to him that he was in the top Sahabi level. He was on top of so many older ones too because he has never seen any Kufur. He always was on the straight line. And whose son is he? The father is Omar (ra). And he was saying to him, ‘My son, I know that you fit also to become the Khalifah. You are in that category. But I will not forgive you my rights on the Judgment Day if you go to become the Khalifah, if you want to become the Khalifah’. It’s because he knew that if Abdullah would put himself there, he would win. And he said to him, ‘You are not going to. And you are going to favor that one that the Prophet (sws) has favored’. What’s the secret there? He said, ‘You will vote for that one’. So, 3 and 3 votes and Hazrat Omar’s son Abdullah voted for Hazrat Osman (ra) and he became the Khalifah.

And then Ali (ra) came, continuing. Then for sometimes the Umawis ruled. When the Umawi ruling changed and the rulers started doing wrong things openly, which the Holy Prophet (sws) is saying, ‘If the Khalifah, if the ruler is doing something secretly and you don’t know and it’s a sin, it’s not your business to go and search. As long as he rules correctly, if he is a Habashi Koleh, if he is a Habashi slave that is coming to you and his ear is cut, his nose is cut, (there are different signs there), and as long as he is ruling with the order of Allah and His Prophet (sws), you are under the obligation to obey that one. As long as he doesn’t do open big sins, you are under the obligation’. He is saying to all Sahaba-e Kiram. He is saying to them that.

Who is he saying to? He is saying to Abu Bakr Siddik (ra), to Omar (ra), to Osman (ra), to Ali (ra) and to everyone. He is saying, ‘If one day somebody comes to you like this and when he rules in the way of Allah and the Prophet (sws), you are under the obligation to obey that one. Disobedience to that one is disobedience to Allah and to His Prophet (sws), and you will be in big trouble in the hereafter’.

So now, those people voted that way. It’s not the voting that, ‘Oh, we have to put it together for years and months and da da da da’. All those ones, 3 people, 5 people, 6 people, they said, ‘Yeah, who is that one that we are voting for? Abu Bakr Siddik. That’s right. He is the Khalifah’. Finished. That’s what it is. That’s what had happened. And what did the Khalifah do? He got up and he said, ‘As long as I rule you in the way of Allah and His Prophet (sws), you are under the obligation to obey. For disobedience to me on the Judgment Day and in the world, you will be punished. The minute that you see me deviating from the way of the Rasul (sws) and from the way of Allah, then you are no longer under the obligation to obey me. But you are under the obligation to come and to warn me. If you don’t then on the Judgment Day you will be partners with the wrong things that I am doing’. Hmm? All Khalifahs said this.

Then we see the time of Hazrat Muawiya and when his ruling is finishing, Yazid is entering in it. Yazid prepared certain things before and it fit to some Sahaba-e Kiram to accept Yazid as a ruler too for Dunya. Dunya is always there fooling. And when Yazid started forcing his wrong ideas on people then in the first instance Hazrat Husayn rose saying, ‘I am not accepting to be under the ruling of someone who is openly committing the big sins’. And? ‘Because I am not accepting, I will not cause confusion too because I am one of the grandsons of the Prophet (sws) and I know that what I say is going to be counted and so many people are going to be following that way, I am not rising to be the Khalifah too. For that reason I am leaving this land. I am leaving the land where Islam is ruling. I am going out of this land’.

And the people of Kufa, Iran and Iraq, as they did always, they called them and they betrayed them. They called him saying, ‘Come Ya Husayn’. He received hundreds, thousands of letters from the leaders, saying, ‘Come and be the leader for us’. And he was just going there to teach them the way of Allah and His Prophet (sws). He wasn’t running there to be the head like so many squareheads are fighting today and saying this and that. The Shias are putting something else. So he was going there and Yazid understood that, ‘As long as he lives, it’s not going to be good for me. I have to get rid of him’. And he planned and he did all these wrong things.

After that another movement begins and the Abbasi Khalifahs rise. And the Umawis move all the way to Spain and the other parts and the Abbasis are there and now there are two ruling systems and it’s not accepted. There has to be only one. And when the Ottomans were becoming strong and Spain and all the other ones were attacking and finishing the Umawis, the Umawis asked help from the strong nation (Ottomans) and they said, ‘We will help you only if you submit yourselves to the Khalifatullah, to the Abbasi Khalifah. Then we will help you. Otherwise, you are alone with your enemies. We will not help you.’ And they didn’t help them and the enemies finished them.

And then the Abbasi ruling continued, the Khilafat, until it changed hand and it moved all the way to Egypt and the Khalifah was different and the rulers were different. Now the Khilafat and the ruling are in two different hands and there’s a big problem there. Because now (for instance) I am the Khalifah and I am saying this to happen but the King is stronger than me. So hiddenly or openly he is bypassing my ruling. So it’s not working. The same thing happened in Egypt. The Mamluks were ruling. They were the strong hand. They had the sword in their hands and the Abbasi Khalifah was there. So, whatever the Abbasi Khalifah was saying was not really working. Whatever the Mamluk King was saying was working.

So the Ottomans were watching very carefully and saying, ‘Okay. This is a wrong system now’. And one day the Holy Prophet (sws) is coming in a dream to Sultan Selim saying, ‘Now it’s time. Go and take both the Khilafat and the ruling from there to one hand again’. And it’s a long story. He came there and he took it. From that time until the 1900’s, 1923, until 1909 really, over 500 years passed. For 500 years Islam only rose, never fell, everywhere in the world. When different nations tried to say certain wrong things about Islam, about the Holy Prophet (sws), about anything, just one letter was enough to stop them. Okay?

Since when that came down? Since when that sickness of Democracy entered. They removed the Khilafat, they removed the ruling system of Islam and they brought Democracy saying, ‘This is the only way we are going to rule them again. There is no other way. As long as there’s one Khalifah, how are we going to rule them? It’s not possible’. And they separated the one nation of Islam into nationalities saying to the Turks, ‘You have your own flag’, saying to Egyptians, ‘You have your own flag’, to Syrians, ‘You have your own flag’, to Pakistanis ‘Your own flag, your own flag’ and everyone raised their nationalism before Islam.

They said, ‘So what are we going to do with the Prophet’s (sws) flag?’ They said, ‘Wrap it up, close it and put it in the museum’. That shows that the ruling system of Islam is finished and now it’s Democracy. Every nation is going to rule, they are going to choose their own presidents, prime ministers and their best liars are going to become their leaders. Isn’t that what’s happening? The best liars become their leaders. The best cheaters. It’s because they cheat and they know how to invest to make them cheat too. Anyone who’s saying, ‘I am a Muslim’ and ‘I am a Muslim leader. I am an Imam or a Sheykh’ or whatever they are calling themselves, scholars, and if they are supporting this Democracy understanding then they have no minds. They must go check themselves to the crazy hospital and stay there. At least they will not be responsible on the Judgment Day from the knowledge that they have. They are going to say, ‘They lost their minds. What can we do?’ And it’s open to the whole world. And I’m challenging those leaders that say this. I am talking to this level now. They want to talk from that level, they should come and we will speak from that level.

I know what Democracy is. I worked for the United Nations. I know what they are preparing to do in those nations. They cannot even dream, those foolish ones that are running and they are helping them. Almost 60 maybe 70 Muslim nations today are in the United Nations. Which one of them is putting the signature against the Yahudis that they are so much angry with them? But go inside and look what happens inside. Outside they show something else but inside look how many countries are voting against the Yahudis. Do you know who accepted the Yahudis first when they declared their nation? Before America, do you know who accepted it? So many is not going to like it maybe. Say.

A Murid: Egypt.

Sheykh Efendi: No. The Turks. Turks are the first ones. Later Egypt. Yeah.

Another Murid: Egypt beat them up first and then accepted.

Sheykh Efendi: Beat them up? They should be ashamed never to talk again. 80 million Egyptians got beat up by 3 million Yahudis. That’s the reality. You like it or you don’t like it. That’s the reality. But they only know how to brag about it that, ‘We did this and that’. What you did? It’s showing. It’s there. Leave America. America is supporting you more than the Israelis. America is supporting them with 5 billion dollars a year. The Egyptians. 5 billion.

Anyway, Democracy is hypocrisy. If anyone wants to support hypocrisy, they are welcome. But the end came to that too. The end. There is a beginning and there is an end. Who’s saying that Democracy is hypocrisy? The Holy Prophet (sws) is saying. He said how Islam is going to rule. By Democracy? How foolish and idiots they are! He said to us, ‘After me the Khulafa-e Rashideen’. He said that Democracy is coming? He said, ‘After the Khulafa, Maliks, the Kings will come’. The Kings came and ruled Islam, yes. Umawis, Abbasis were Kings. The Khulafa-e Rashideen were not kings. They were Sahaba-e Kiram. Then he said, ‘After the Khulafa, the Kings will come to rule’. He didn’t say, ‘Democracy is going to come to rule’. He didn’t say, ‘The Khulafa is coming through Democracy’. Tomorrow they will say, ‘Let’s choose the Prophet too’. This is what they are saying.

And now those Wahhabi sheytans, I am saying to them this because now they are taking Ibn Abdul Wahhab, you don’t know that part too, they are saying, ‘Ibn Abdul Wahhab is the Muhammad that Allah is mentioning in the Quran-e Kerim. Muhammad is not that one but this is the Muhammad’. Do you know that part? That’s how they believe.

So, (the Holy Prophet sws said,) ‘After Khulafa-e Rashideen, the Maliks will come. After the Kings, Sultans will come’. Did Sultans come? Yes. The Mamluks and the Ottomans. ‘They will rule justly. After the Sultans Jababirah comes. The tyrants’. So after Sultans what came? What kind of ruling system came? Democracy. What the Prophet (sws) is calling Democracy system? Jababirah. The Zalims. The Tyrants. If you are still going to say there’s Democracy in Islam then I say to you, MashaAllah to you. Congratulations to you on the Judgment Day. Speak as much as you want. It’s okay.

Your Democracy is not going to help anymore anyway. No America, no Europe, nobody is going to help anymore the people of Democracy too. Democracy came and they say, ‘Well, human rights’. Human rights? Where is human rights? ‘I go to the United Nations’. That’s what they say. ‘For human rights’. Where is human rights? They say, ‘No, we have to go one more step ahead. Animal rights’. Where is animal rights? Islam is the one that’s giving animal rights. Not you. Then they say, ‘No, no, no. We couldn’t do it that way. We didn’t destroy this Islam on the inside. Now we are going to say ‘Feminist rights’, ‘Women’s rights’. The women of Islam lost their minds too. Don’t think I’m only talking to the men. I am talking to the women too. They lost their minds because they say, ‘Women’s rights’. Who’s saying that?

‘Yahudis are saying we have women’s rights’.

Of course, you have rights. The rights that Allah and His Prophet (sws) is showing to you. Not the rights that the Yahudis or the Zionists or the other ones are showing thinking to destroy Islam from the inside. What are your rights? Don’t you know what are your rights? What are the rights that Allah and His Prophet (sws) are giving to you? Don’t you see what rights Allah and His Prophet (sws) are giving? Removing you from the debt? Isn’t that enough? Huh, today under that Democracy system, aren’t they using the women still as moneymaker machines? Why are you allowing women to go to work everywhere? Does it fit for women to work everywhere? Does it fit to women’s creation to work everywhere? How foolish is this? Like I said, they lost their minds, not only their faith.

You see construction in the streets. They are making asphalt, breaking, and the women are working there with the men. I sat one day waiting for them and they were talking in a language with each other that I said, ‘Is this a woman or is this a man?’ You don’t know which one is the woman and which one is the man. But from the shape you can see that it’s a woman. She’s wearing shorts too. What are you doing there? Confusion and Fitna. It’s nothing else. Who’s supporting this? Democracy, not Islam. Eh, brainless Imams, if they say anything then let them come to me and I will show them more. I’ll talk to them from their level and I’ll say some points to them and then look what happens to them. Astaghfirullah. I am just a weak servant but those kinds of foolish ones, it is enough to knock them down.

So, I am not accepting and that’s not a good ruling system for mankind. The whole idea from the ruling is to give a better lifestyle to the mankind. Islam did that. Nothing else. Islam ruled correctly. It gave enough to man and made the boss and worker to become friends, to watch each other’s rights. It made the ruler and the porter to be sitting on the same table and eating and to be praying on the same prayer lines. Islam gave this right to the man. Democracy took all this away. It separated people again and now it’s fooling everybody. Anybody who is running for Democracy, they should run to stop the collapse of Democracy because Democracy is already collapsing. From their own nations it’s collapsing. They know that it’s not working.

The United Nations just came out with a new report saying, ‘The people of the world has never suffered the way that it has suffered in the last century. And all this happened because of the ruling system’. The United Nations put this out. And saying, ‘The best system ever to rule for mankind is the Kingdom. Even if they were wrong, the wrong Kings were a hundred percent better than the best Democratic leaders’. And they didn’t hesitate to put that part in it too saying, ‘And from that Kingdom ruling system, the best time that the world has ever been ruled was in the time of the Ottoman Empire’. They say, ‘They kept all religions next to each other. They didn’t fight, they didn’t argue. Although they were ruling themselves with Islam, Islam showed tolerance to them, how to accept and how to follow’. That’s all.

A murid: I have read in a book that the Ottoman Empire was the safest empire for people whether it be a Christian in the Balkans or an Arab in the Middle East. No other empire was this safe for traveling long distance at night or day. It was the safest.

Sheykh Efendi: Yeah, because Islam is ordering to people that if you are a ruler, the first duty you have is between you and Allah and the second duty is you have to run to make a better lifestyle for mankind. It doesn’t stop there with finishing your prayers. That’s why so many Sultans wanted to become murids to the Sheykhs but they said to them, ‘No, you cannot be. You are going to rule correctly. You are going to sit, you are going to watch, you are going to think to find out what the problems are and you are going to fix the problems. Your job is something else. That’s how you are going to reach somewhere’. And that’s what they were doing. They had people going around, checking things, understanding the problem of the people and they were trying to fix it.

Where is it today? You go and you tell your problems to them, they say, ‘Get lost. Get out of here. You are making trouble to us.’ Later they say to you, ‘Go to welfare’. And welfare is another big problem.

The system is wrong. But are we Muslims? What is our constitution? Quran-e Kerim, firstly. The second is Hadith, the Sunnat of Rasulullah (sws). And if you don’t find it in there then the Ulema. Not today’s understanding of Ulema. The Four Mazhabs. Hanafi, Shafi, Hanbali and Maliki. These Four Mazhabs are accepted. Other than these Four Mazhabs are not accepted. Salafi? Where are the Salafis? You think you are going to become Salaf as-Saliheen by just calling yourselves Salafis? By going around like idiots and thinking that you’re ruling the world, knowing nothing? You think you go to Saudi Arabia for 3 years and studying arrogantly in some university and they say to you, ‘Yes, you are Sheykh, you are this and that’, then you are going to run like that foolish Jamaican bum that yesterday was walking in the streets of Jamaica naked and today he’s becoming Ulema to a nation and standing up and screaming and cursing, that stupid Wahhabi idea person? Because the Wahhabis said to him, ‘You speak good. It’s a gift that Allah has given to you.’ So what? Because you speak good, you are going to direct the nation with your stupidity? And the stupid people are running after somebody that still his naked pictures are everywhere in the world walking in the streets of Jamaica? And they are accepting that one as a leader because of the Wahhabis, and they say that he is an Alim? Thuuh to you! Clean your mess first, your dirtiness, from the world and later come in front of the public. You committed open sin and it’s in front of everybody. Shut your mouth. Don’t speak. You can be the best of Alims but you don’t speak because your dirtiness is open. Anybody can bring it out.

Huh, Hanafi Mazhab. Hanafi Mazhab? It’s so strict. It’s saying to you, for instance, you are living in the town and in that town there is a store that sells only liquor, wine, and vinegar. No other place sells vinegar. Okay? But in that liquor store they sell the vinegar. If you are so desperate for the vinegar, you cannot enter to that store to buy the vinegar and come out. Why? Because anybody seeing that you are coming out from the liquor store with the bottle in your hand, they don’t know inside it is vinegar or wine. So you are giving confusion to people. You are making confusion for them to say things and because you are giving wrong guidance, you will be in trouble, although you are running to do something. Maybe you are going to use it for medicine. You cannot.

On the one side this is one strong example from a Mazhab and every Mazhab Imam is accepting this and on the other side this man is able to come to television to say, ‘You know, once upon a time I was in Jamaica, Hahaha, yeah, I was naked running in the street, Hahaha’. According to Shariat, according to Shariat law now, that man’s head must go because he is opening his dirty wrong things that he did through his mouth to the public. So of course, they are not going to want Shariat. They are going to want Democracy, those ones, of course. But they think that it’s going to be safety again because they want it. But it’s coming.

Huh, what’s coming? Hazrat-i Mehdi is coming. Hazrat-i Mehdi is not Ulema. He is not an Alim. And almost all the Alims in the world are going to be against him. So many Sheykhs are going to be against him too because it’s not going to fit. But he’s going to say to them, ‘I am not asking you. I am here to fix it and either you will be fixed with this (the tongue) or I will fix you with this (the sword)’, just like Omar (ra), saying, ‘I’ll get rid of your heads’. And that’s what’s going to happen. And that’s what they are preparing too. All coming out forward now saying, ‘I was once upon a time this’. I say, ‘Good. They put your name in the book too. You are keeping it a secret all this time and you are going to say it now. Good. Continue’.

So, that kind of understanding is very wrong. That kind of understanding made this nation to become heedless, not knowing who’s the enemy, not knowing what is right and what is wrong. Deep inside their hearts they know that they are doing something wrong but they are going to the Ulema and Alim who are saying, ‘It’s okay’. So they say, ‘Alim is saying it’s okay’. Their heart is still not satisfied. So they say, ‘Something is wrong somewhere’. But then Sheytan is coming saying, ‘Are you better? You see the Ulema are saying this to you. It’s okay’. So because their ego is accepting, they are sitting on it. But still are they comfortable a hundred percent? No. They are not because this is always going to speak. The heart is always going to speak. You can cheat the world and you can cheat yourself. You cannot cheat the heart.

So, that’s what they are doing and they are preparing hell to themselves, as Allah subhana wa ta’ala is saying. It’s not that you are praying or you are not praying. So many people are praying here now because of force, the situation they are in. Ask them how many times they went to Juma before. How many times they will be going to Juma if they are not here. Hmm. Don’t ask that part. Okay.

So, I’m not accepting Democracy. I am not favoring it in any way. As I said, I’m not just talking from the head. I have worked in it, I have seen what was happening and I was not only working but I had the chance of becoming the President (of Northern Cyprus). I have enough family members too and I would’ve become a President too. But I have resigned from that. I have resigned. I didn’t change the job. I could have waited two more years to be a retired man but I didn’t. I resigned from it.

A murid: You even have family in the media.

Sheykh Efendi: I have so many of them, not one. They will all accept because if I would have said to them, ‘Okay, you are a Communist. I am going to give you certain things’, and they will accept it. So, imagine I have the Communist newspaper supporting me, I get the right wing supporting me and I get Sheykh Mevlana supporting me. What will happen? (Sheykh Efendi smiles). Astaghfirullah al-Azim.

So, that’s the question you have, huh? Asking about Democracy, Ulema. Where are the Ulema? Al-Azhar University in Egypt. Once upon a time it made name, yes. There were Ulema coming out, scholars coming out from there. But now only ignorants are coming out because now not only accepting the Four Mazhabs but they are accepting all these Wahhabi, Shia ideas and everything in it and they are all mixed up now because of money. When money is involved it’s finished. Goodbye. Every year 100,000 people graduate from Al-Azhar University. Through the Prophet’s (sws) approving, not one. If it’s one then he’s enough to fix the whole Egypt. If it’s two then Saudi Arabia. Three, Syria. Four, Turkey. Five, Iraq. It’s enough. One Alim is enough to fix the whole nation.

A murid: They are accepting Rafizis now.

Sheykh Efendi: Offf. Of course. Soon if they open another branch praising all those people who killed Omar (ra), Osman (ra) and Ali (ra), I will not be surprised. Opening other branches for Habashis, Kharijis, Alawis, Qizilbash saying, we’re accepting all these. New ways, saying, ‘We’re accepting’. So they changed everything. What do they say? New Age Religion. Yes. People with no minds. New Age people, New Age religion. You can be a Yahovah’s Witness, it’s okay. You can be calling yourself a Christian, you can be a Muslim, you can be a Buddhist. (They are) saying, ‘Live like humans’. How are you going to live like humans? On the one side it’s teaching you to live like humans and on the other side it’s teaching how to live like a wolf, how to live like a hyena or fox or this or that? How are you going to sit over there and live like a human now? They lost their minds again one more time. And men who lose their minds are worse than animals.

Who doesn’t have intelligence? Animals. Angels have intelligence but they don’t have freewill. Animals have freewill but they don’t have intelligence. Man has intelligence and freewill. And man has ego. Man has desires. And when he’s fighting against that saying, ‘I have a freewill’… Free will means, ‘I am using my will to stop my wrongdoings’. That’s what’s freewill. Freewill is not to say, ‘I do as I like. I am free’. Animal is like that too. Don’t you see? Animal is free. So why don’t you bring the animals inside here and sit with the animals here? Why do we keep them in the barn? Sit with them. That’s how today’s people are living anyway. Barn is cleaner than their houses. Young generation, you cannot enter to their rooms. Dirty smell, food here, food there, dirty clothes here, dirty clothes there, everything is a mess in their house. So the animals live like that. This is what Democracy brought to mankind. And then,

‘You cannot touch your son. You cannot touch your daughter. You cannot do this’.

And? How am I going to train them? Some are a little bit arrogant. I have to pull the ear a little bit. But saying, ‘No you cannot touch’. And? Look what they are today. Hmm? I have examples to show. That’s the reality of Islam. Either you will take example or you will become example. There’s no other way. Yes, sir.

A murid: Sheykh Efendi, is it the result of Democracy that the elderly seek out their children and grandchildren to visit them rather than the children coming to see their elders?

Sheykh Efendi: Well, that’s not in Islam. The young ones have to go visit the olderly ones. It’s not from Christianity too. The Christians had some proper respect once upon a time. That is not from Democracy. That’s from Secularism. That’s completely from the ideology of unbelief, saying, ‘It’s okay’. In Islam it’s necessary to show respect. Respect and love, there has to be both. If that is lost then you lose Islam. So, if an olderly is getting up to go to visit the young one then what is your expectation now? What is it that you are getting? You’re just putting those ones into bigger trouble. Why are you going there to visit them? You are giving ways to the wrong understanding. Through your actions you are supporting wrong understanding. That’s not what the Holy Prophet (sws) taught us. Anything that doesn’t fit to the teachings of the Holy Prophet (sws) is not accepted in Islam. If you are doing it then you are responsible.

People are raising children today? People today became slaves to their children. Mothers became slaves to the children. One baby and the mother is a slave. Forget it. That’s the reality. Say otherwise. They don’t care about Allah and His Prophet (sws). That baby cries, finished, she drops everything, she leaves the prayers and she leaves everything. At that time you are raising a rat that’s going to bite you and it’s coming out one day, as soon as you touch that one’s ego. That’s why today’s children from early ages, when you say ‘Do this’, they are saying, ‘No!’ The nature of the child is not to say ‘No’. You are raising them to be like that. They are saying, ‘I don’t want it! I don’t want it!’

I used to have a restaurant. A father came with a little girl to the restaurant one time. I said to myself, ‘The man looks like a man with authority’. He goes, ‘Okay honey, what would you like to eat?’ She is a very arrogant type of girl. Little girl. There was a refrigerator with examples of plates and everything and she said, ‘I want this one!’ And he goes, ‘She wants that. Prepare one for her’. The girl is looking. I said, ‘Sir, this is a special for those people who are working in construction because there’s lots of food here. She is not going to be able to finish it. It’s going to be very heavy food for the little child’.

‘No, she wants it. Give it to her.’

They gave it to her. They put it in front of her. She just did like this. (Took one spoonful and) ‘Thuuh! I don’t like this’. I’m watching.

He goes, ‘What would you like, honey’.

‘I want this!’

‘All right. Give that.’

Do you think that it is the fault of that little girl? First the man has no mind. He lost his mind. How the little girl is going to know what to ask and what to eat? You are the one who’s supposed to be supporting, you are the one who’s supposed to be preparing and giving, saying, ‘This is good for you and this is bad for you’. No.

‘She wants it. Give it.’

Do you think that girl is going to grow up to listen to the father and mother now? In that part she’s not listening. When she’s reaching to 10 years old… I know people to whom the child says, ‘Stand up!’ The mother stands up. The father stands. Disaster. You don’t want that kind of a child. You prepare yourself to a hell and the child to a hell too. Believe me. Yeah. Astaghfirullah. Yes.

But today’s people became so merciful. MashaAllah. They call that mercy? They have more mercy than Allah and His Prophet (sws). SubhanAllah. Just one time grab the ear like that and give one smack and look how fast they will be fixed. If they don’t then in the school one time the teacher with a little stick. Nothing’s going to happen. It’s just going to hurt a little bit. Somebody just got one Falaka and one year he was correct a hundred percent. One year. Right? That’s why in Turkish there’s a saying that the stick came from Paradise. If people don’t understand through the tongue then that’s putting people back to the line.

Is this in Islam? Hazrat Omar (ra) was a Khalifah and he was giving Sohbet during Juma like this to Sahaba-e Kiram. He was saying to them, ‘First you must listen and obey when I am in the way of Allah and His Prophet (sws). If you disobey what I say through the tongue, I will fix you with this’. He was pulling out the sword and putting it there when he was talking. To who? To Sahaba-e Kiram. He’s saying to them, ‘Don’t stand in front of me to say, ‘I have seen this from the Prophet (sws) and I have seen that’. I am the one who’s ruling now. As long as I am ordering you things from the way of Allah and His Prophet (sws), you are going to follow’

And so many things he made into law. It was the Sunnat of the Prophet (sws). And when they said to him, ‘Ya Omar, you are changing’. He said, ‘Yes, because this Ummat is forgetting. For that I am making it law. In the Judgment Day I will be responsible’. That’s why reciting 3 Ikhlas between the Sunnat and the Farz prayer is the law of Omar (ra). He made it a law. Making the Tasbih after the Farz, everyone sitting and making ‘SubhanAllah, Alhamdulillah, Allahu Akbar’, he made it a law because he was seeing that everyone was coming, rushing into the Masjid, praying Farz and running out quickly just like today’s people. ‘What are you living for? For Dunya or for Akhirat? You’re just quickly running out? You don’t have 10 minutes to sit in the Masjid? For that reason you’re going to finish and you are going to wait for Imam to recite’. And he made it law everywhere that Islam was ruling.

Until 1923. After 1923 Islam is not ruling but still everywhere it continued. When I came to this country I saw so many weird things that I was seeing for the first time 35 years ago. I said, ‘Is this Islam? Where? From where this came?’

‘Ah, we have a Saudi Imam’.

I didn’t know that part too. I said, ‘What? Let me go over there’. I said, ‘Who are you?’ He said, ‘I am this’. I said, ‘Huh. Where you learned this? How many years you studied?’ ‘This many’. I said, ‘Tell me what are the obligations and Sunnats of the Wudu. Which parts of your body are you going to wash for your Wudu to be accepted?’ They don’t know. I am challenging all those Imams. They don’t know the 32 Farz and they don’t know the 54 Farz. Imam is not knowing that?

When we were raised, every child in every village at 7 years old had to know the 32 Farz. They were not going to school to learn. They were going to the Masjid and they were learning. So I said, ‘Everyone of those children will pass for Imam now, not one. The best Imams’. That’s why I became an Imam too. I was thinking, ‘What? I am going to be an Imam?’ But by looking at those ones I said, ‘Ohh, forget it. We pass for Imams too’.

I have seen Imams that we were shivering in front of them. The knowledge that they had, they were loaded. Today’s people are empty, completely empty, zero. Eh, what are they going to talk about? Dunya, Democracy, this and that. Imam is not there to talk about politics. Imam is there to talk about Akhirat. But the politicians were doing their jobs. So the Imams were doing their jobs. Now nobody’s doing their jobs. So the Imams have to give warning to the leaders, to the rulers, saying, ‘Hey, don’t forget. Allah is saying in the Quran-e Kerim about you this, this and this Ayats. You rule now but when you go to the grave this is the punishment you are receiving’. Everyone is taking this now and forgetting after five minutes thinking, ‘Okay, he’s going to change again’. Sheytan is coming to fool. And Allah is saying through the Ayat, ‘Sheytan is coming to you to fool you saying, ‘Don’t worry. Allah is going to forgive you. He is very Merciful’. He says, ‘Don’t get fooled by Sheytan. If you are breaking these laws that I put on you, you are going to be punished’. That’s all.

(Sheykh Efendi imitating someone): Sheykh Abdul Kerim is talking a little bit. What is this? Turkish Islam?

The person didn’t feel ashamed to say ‘Turkish Islam’. Is there Turkish Islam and Arabic Islam? Allah, Allah. Hmm. They lost their minds. I understand that when they are olderly they lose their minds. It’s normal. Eh, when you are touching the ego a little bit, forget it, rising like a wolf.

Fatiha. It’s enough. Alhamdulillah.


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