Some Ahaadith on Purdah

Bismillahir Rahmanir Raheem

Hijab-Burqa Protects Medically and Physically.No need another Mask

1. When a woman applies perfume and passes by a gathering of men, she is like this and this (like an adulterer)
2. The gaze (at a ghair mahram) is a poisonous arrow from among the arrows of Iblis. He who restrains (his staring gaze) for fear of me. I shall exchange it for such solid Imaan, the sweetness of which he will experience in his heart.

3. ‘A Dayooth will not enter Jannah.’ The Sahabah asked, ‘Who is a Dayooth?’ Rasoolullah sallallahu alaihe wasallam said, ‘A man who does not care who visits his wife (i.e. men).’

4. Every eye is a fornicator.

5. The zina of the hands is to touch (a ghair mahram).

6. It is better that a steel rod be plunged into your head than you touch a woman who is not lawful for you.

7. When a man is alone with a woman, the third one present is Shaitan.

8. Beware of visiting women (who are unlawful for you).

9. Women should not speak with men, except with a mahram.

10. It is not lawful for a woman who believes in Allah and the last day to allow anyone entry into her husbands home except with his permission. She should not go out of the house against his wishes. Nor should she obey anyone without his regard.

11. Women may not emerge (from their homes) except when compelled to (by circumstances). (Tabrani)

12. A women is a object of concealment, thus when she emerges, Satan surreptitiously pursues her (and lays in wait to create his fitna for immorality).

13. Allah curses the one who looks (at females) and the one to whom the look was directed.

14. Beware of mingling with women. A man from the Ansaar asked, “What do you, O’ prophet of Allah say about the brother-in-law?” The Holy Prophet replied, “A brother in law is death.” (I.e. intermingling with him is worse than death).
From the article: http://www.inter-islam.org/Actions/Hijbdu.html



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