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Bismillahir Rahmanir Raheem
Straight Path (Srat Al Mustaqeem) is the path of only Purified people,like Awliya Allah,Siddiqin,Saliheen. The purpose of Tarikat is to clean (purify) people and to make them qualified to enter in Sirat Al Mustaqeem. Without purification (Tasawwuf) one cannot enter into “Sirat Al Mustaqeem” and without entering in Sirath Al Mustaqeem, one cannot escape from hell. So without Tarikat one cannot either get ALLAH or Get HIS Messenger or get Paradise.
Tarikat are the various streams of Sirat Al Mustaqeem, Like a river Originate from many small streams and finally reach in the vast Ocean. By the Tarbiyath of the Shaykh of tasawwuf one’s heart is purified from his sickness and get Visa to enter into Sirath Al Mustaqeem (Straight Path). In Sirath Al Mustaqeem it is the exalted witness (Shahadath mentioned in Al Imran..>Shahidallahu annahu la ilha illa huwa wal malaikathu wa ulool ilmu Qa’iman bil Qisth, la ilaha illa huwa al Azeez al hakeem) Not like our tongue’s external witness.

There you witness ALLAH,HIS Prophets,HIS Angles in reality. Not like you reading and witnessing from some books or from some teachers.
The Bayat to Shaykh is the first step to train you and prepare you in the way of Tasawwuf (Purification). Then to promote you into Sirath Al Mustaqeem once you have purified in the Way of Tasawwuf.

In Sirath Al Mustaqeem, you will receive Shahadath from each Saints in the chain and each Prophet according to your progress. Our Prophet had the most exalted witness during the night of Journey (Miraj). He (alaihiswalathu wa salam) received Shahadath (Testimoney of Faith) directly from ALLAH (Kaba Kausaini). That station is known as “Maqam Al Mahmood”.

So people who do not have a Shaykh of Tarikat, even if they are highest in the Islamic knowledge, even if they call themselves Sunni or whatever, they are not going to be in Sirath Al Mustaqeem or in the saved sect. And I don’t have to say about people who follow such scholars (Aalim,Ulema) what will be their situation!!!.

ALLAH Looks at the heart, and it is those who are the friends of ALLAH (Awliya ALLAH), must be take as guide. They have spiritual lineage to Prophet(Silsila) they have permission (Ijazah) and they have knowledge of the inner matters. They see you and tell you what is in your heart and what is your lineage, and they guide your heart, not your eye or ears.
Saved sect are those who are in Sirath Al Mustaqeem.They are the people of the subject of Purification.
No Doubt in it. And you cannot either object it by Quran or Hadith. If you can, then I will become your slave..
Insha ALLAH, I hope one day I can enter into Sirath Al Mustaqeem (the straight path) by following my Shaykh and I hope by the will of Allah he will prepare me to enter in Sirath AL Mustaqeem. May ALLAH have mercy on me and on you, who read and accept this…ameen.

(the above post was an inspiration during the wake up time, I could not remember it until a while ago, but I was seeking ALLAH to remind me what has been inspired to my heart, the above wisdom, it took me to recite 100 Sura Ikhlas to remember the above again, I thought that I lost this knowledge, I thank ALLAH and Shaykhs for the support and help to spread the message of Awliya ALLAH)